About Us

The mission of Concordia Attorneys at Law is to enable clients to focus on their primary activity and leave legal issues for us to be resolved. We provide legal assistance in all essential areas of private and public law. We find it important to provide solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients, considering the complexity of the modern legal system in all respects. Our clients expect us to provide the legal service in accordance with the highest international standards, never forgetting that each client has individual needs and possibilities.

The clientele of Concordia Attorneys at Law is wide and varied both geographically and in character – our services are used by individuals, small local businesses, state and local government authorities as well as international corporations. We regard all the problems of our clients as our own and resolve them with equal commitment, concern and conscientiousness.

We find it important to retain the traditional ties of our staff with academic education in law and legislative drafting in the Republic of Estonia. Our clients may be assured that our legal solutions are contemporary and take into consideration the most recent amendments in the Estonian and EU legislation.

We are a member of the European Law Firm, a network of independent commercially orientated law firms offering clear, cross-border legal expertise and services to our clients in all the Member States of the European Union.